Watch Out For The Dog Blogger!

 I just wanted to tell everyone out there about this person trying to get other people to do the blog work for him while he sits back and reaps the dough! Beware of this “Blogger”.

 From: Hubert Lee Sent: Tuesday, January 19, 2010 3:58 PM To: Sandra Subject: [Dashboard Spy] Want to Blog with Me? – private early invite Hubert, The Dashboard Spy, here with an unusual, but very sincere, idea for you. I’m inviting you to join me in writing a new blog. Yes, you can be a writer on my blog and enjoy the many benefits. Here’s the scoop: 1) I’m tired of blogging alone and want some company. 2) I got my butt kicked by the automated spammers on my project. (The previous idea for community blogging was to offer subdomains to people who wanted them for their own blog projects, but I got so beaten down by the sheer amount of spam that I had to close it down. My mistake was to offer automated sign-ups.) 3) So, I am converting into a regular wordpress-based blog that will feature content by me and, hopefully, you – along with other interested Dashboard Spy readers. 4) If you are interested, I will set you up as an author on the blog. You will publish your own content about your particular interest in business intelligence (or business in general – up to you!) 5) I will promote the blog from my network of Dashboard Spy sites. I will highlight articles on my sites to bring traffic to your blog posts. 6) Among other benefits, you will receive exposure for your expertise, belong to our community of business bloggers, and learn about professional blogging. Also, I should note that there is absolutely no cost to you. 7) Sorry, there is no compensation for you other than a higher professional profile. You have to do this because you want to. I will place some ads on the site to generate revenue to pay for the hosting and other costs, but can’t share it with you. You’ll have to “get by” on the indirect benefits. 8) This is in the early stages, so don’t expect a lot of slickness right from the start. I’m building the site right now so there’s not much to look at. Hopefully, you can start building some content while I work on the look and feel. 9) I’ve learned my lesson – this will be a manual process in terms of recruiting fellow bloggers. If you are interested in joining me, please send an email to me at and tell me what you would be interested in writing about. 10) There is NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. Blogging in a wordpress environment is super easy and I will train you. All you need is something to say and the desire to promote yourself. I’ll take care of the rest. Hope you take me up on this. I’ll open this up to the rest of the Dashboard Spy readers soon, but wanted to see if you would be interested. Thanks. Please write me with any questions. Hubert Lee The Dashboard Spy PS. The blog will be at the domain DASHBOARDS.ORG and I will be promoting it heavily once we get the project underway. My intent is to give everyone involved A LOT of exposure.

My response to him…..

 I thought you wanted my expertise on these matters? I was wondering if you would come blog for me on WordPress? I am already set up there with ads in place! How many other people have you asked to blog on your site and do all the work for you while you kick back & collect the cash? Lets see …..I think I’ll go blog about this now.

Pretty Low Man!!


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